Ogier Leman
20 July 2022

Ogier Leman

Driving offshore further into the Irish market

Ogier is no stranger to mergers. Its international reputation has been forged through a series of them: in 1995: Ogier & Le Cornu and Le Masurier Giffard & Poch merged to create the Ogier Group; in 2004, Ogier created the first trans-Atlantic offshore firm when it merged with Boxalls in the Cayman Islands; and in 2007, Ogier merged with WSmiths in BVI and Hong Kong.

In February 2022, six months after setting up shop in Singapore, Ogier opened a representative office in Beijing: the first offshore law firm to have a presence in the Chinese capital. The following month, Ogier announced a merger with Leman in Dublin, making it the twelfth office in the firm’s global network. On 25th May, the two firms formally combined, operating under the joint brand of Ogier Leman. The merged entity offers services to Irish clients across corporate, real estate, dispute resolution and employment law, while the international network also provides banking, corporate, funds and private wealth services.


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