Offshore intelligence – Funds in demand 

11 June 2021

Reports Legal Podcast in association with Appleby Jersey


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  • Dominic Carman – editor, Reports Legal


Dominic Carman, James Gaudin, Samantha Hutchinson and Emily Rose


December 2021 News

China: global law firms being silenced through fear

This year, China set its sights on Essex Court Chambers and Mayer Brown; next year it “might be Clifford Chance, Freshfields or some other major city law firm which offends the Chinese state.”

November 2021 News

Does Brexit create uncertainty for online software sales agents?

The UK’s departure from the EU means that online software sales agents could face continued uncertainty, according to Hunters’ partner, Richard Baxter. 

November 2021 News

The heart of Dublin 

Thanks to a strong economic recovery, an ever-expanding local footprint of US tech giants and a Brexit dividend, Ireland looks set to thrive. But what about its law firms? 

November 2021 News

Solving the Irish Puzzle 

A flood of international firms in Dublin has put pressure on the local legal recruitment market. Dominic Carman asks whether more competition might force leading Irish firms to consider an alliance or a merger 

November 2021 News

Taxing Times: Is Ireland still trending? 

For companies with annual revenues of €750m+, Ireland’s cherished 12.5% corporation tax rate will increase to 15% in 2023. What does this mean for current US multinational hubs and future FDI? 

October 2021 News

Will the end of Covid support ‘fuel insolvencies’?

Following the withdrawal of government support measures to mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic, Dana Rădulescu, Partner, MPR Partners, examines the outlook for insolvency. At the beginning of October, the main UK government support measures given to British businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic were withdrawn. Many now expect a wave of insolvencies to follow ...