Cayman clients want London KCs
29 November 2023

Cayman clients want London KCs

Despite an abundance of local talent, London’s heavyweight commercial silks are invariably the clients’ choice to fight big money disputes.

Wilberforce, Serle Court, Essex Court, Fountain Court, South Square, Twenty Essex, 3VB, Erskine Chambers, 4 New Square and Maitland are among the preferred sets. So, what makes them so special?

If proof were needed of how much local work is done by London silks, the recent Wilberforce Cayman Conference 2023, held in September, provides ample evidence. No less than six Wilberforce KCs travelled to Cayman as speakers: John McGhee KC, Gilead Cooper KC, Thomas Lowe KC, Fenner Moeran KC, Clare Stanley KC, and James Bailey KC. At any one time, there might be a dozen English barristers arguing their case in the Cayman courts, according to a local head of litigation.

Serle Court also does Cayman conferences. Their next local event is being held in June 2024 at the Westin, Grand Cayman, in conjunction with Collas Crill. Previously, Essex Court Chambers has also been a Chambers Partner of the same annual conference.

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